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        Hello, I'm glad you found me. On the following pages you will find the latest information on my current books, including sample chapters, and what is planned for the future. If you have read my books, thank you for coming back. If you are new to my writings, let me give you a brief overview.
        I write in a variety of genre's; adult fiction/adventure, science fiction/fantasy, and Christian fiction. I currently have four books in print. 

    Four Paths to Forever, is an archeological adventure based on a Hopi legend of the Sipapu, the gateway that connects this world to another where the first people came from. It is the modern day search for this mythical gateway. 
    Beyond Forever: Journey to Tulmic is the sequel to Four Paths to Forever and tells the story of what happened when the gateway was found.
      Abigor: The First Battle, is a christian based novel. It is the story of four people, brought together by God, and trained by the angels to fight demons. 
      Ice Queen, is my newest release. It is a new archeological adventure featuring a husband and wife team. One of them has a very special talent that will come in handy as they follow a mystery from China to Peru. It is the first of a new archeological adventure series.


    Last Shaman of Tulmic, is the third book of the Forever series. Readers have continued to ask for more from the is series so I decided to tell the story of Rulena, the last shaman of Tulmic in Beyond Forever: Journey to Tulmic. I thought it was fitting to end the series with what she did to try and save a world.

      Valley of Crows, the follow-up to Abigor: The First Battle is planned next. In book two, God's warriors join forces with their European counterparts. Three of the European warriors had died under mysterious circumstances. The remaining two join the American warriors in a search for the truth. Their journey takes them to places and dangers they could never imagine.

     Artic Fire, a novel of a worldwide disaster. A volcano of prehistoric size has nearly destroyed all life on the planet. In a desperate bid to save what remains, a group led by scientist Tony Peers heads for the Antarctic to try and shut it down. The task seems impossible and are they all ready to late?

The Land of Crystal Dreams  This will be my first fantasy book. The Crystal Princess protects our dreams from the world of nightmares, but the sacred crystals are missing and the barrier between dreams and nightmares is failing. Only the return of the crystals will save us all. Only a young woman and her grandfather can make it happen.

     My books are fast moving and appeal to all age levels from teen to senior. There is also a guest book page so feel free to leave comments on any of the books you have read.
    I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them. Thanks again for visiting.
Richard Lucas

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